Natural Bathroom Paint & Eco Paint

If you’re looking for a natural bathroom paint for your bathroom walls and ceilings then I suggest that you use the Graphenstone Grafclean Premium. This natural and eco friendly paint is actually a tough modern hybrid, with amazing eco credentials, marked CE and EN 71-3 Toy safe, as well as having ZERO VOCs. No more toxic nasties in your bathroom. If you currently have painted walls, ideally we would advise a primer, but with a light sand ‘key’ having made sure the walls are clean of dirt you can use a 10% water thinned coat of the same paint (Grafclean Premium). This paint is washable and scrubbable, and hard wearing. Perfect for both walls and ceilings.

Common Bathroom paint questions!

What is the best paint to use in a bathroom?
I suggest that you use the Graphenstone Grafclean Premium, as it is tough and scrubable!

Do bathrooms need special paint?
I would advise using a normal emulsion as they are not the best in moist and damp environments. No paint is perfect for the inside of shower etc, you’re better off using tiles, but for the rest of the bathroom I suggest using the Grafclean Premium.

Do I need special paint for bathroom ceiling?
Same as above really, you need something that is going to have good adhesion and able to be wiped.

How do i prepare my bathroom walls for painting?
I suggest that you clean, then when dry sand back to key the surface. Ideally you would apply a primer payer to even out the surface, but thinning a coat of top coat 10% will also do a good job if the surface is already great.

Should i sand my bathroom walls before painting?
We always recommend that you at least lightly sand the surface, which is called a ‘key’. This will enable the new coat of paint to stick much better!

Do i need to prime bathroom walls before painting?
Not always, no, but there is no doubt that priming means that you’re more likely to get a better and more uniform topcoat. It’s more expensive to prime, but conversely your paint may stick to your walls many years longer!

Can you use kitchen paint in a bathroom?
Yes, you can use our Grafclean Premium in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Is matt paint ok in bathroom?
Yes, sure, but it will just pick up a bit more dirt than a satin. Personally I still love a matte paint in the bathroom and that’s what I have!

Can i paint over bathroom paint?
Yes, if the paint is shiny then I suggest giving it a key sand, then primer, then topcoat for best adhesion.

Is kitchen and bathroom paint the same?
We would suggest that it is fine to use the Grafclean Premium in both your kitchen and your bathroom!