Eco Paint & Eco Friendly Emulsion Paints

Eco Paint & Eco Friendly Emulsion Paints

Natural paints strengthened with Natural Graphene 

The Graphenstone range of paints are strengthened with natural graphene, which allows the paint to be more flexible without flaking and breaking as quickly as conventional paint – side win that it's also natural!

Ecological Paint for walls and ceilings – Interior and Exterior.

If you are looking for ecological paint for your walls and ceilings, the standard Graphenstone GCS Interior paint will be a great solution. If you are looking for an exterior eco friendly paint for you walls, then the Graphenstone GCS Exterior emulsion is the best choice if you want colours.

White eco friendly paint: Interior and Exterior

If you want just white interior paint then the Ecosphere has even better credentials. If you just need a super eco friendly white exterior paint then the Graphenstone Biosphere emulsion paint would be the best choice.

Eco and safe Paint for Wood, trim, skirting boards and wooden doors

For wood I would suggest the Graphenstone Grafclean Midshine, which is a satin matt paint, and when used with the Graphenstone Universal Primer (Four2Four) it is suitable for wooden surfaces, as well as OSB and MDF. The universal primer is pretty universal!

We have many kinds of Eco and sustainable paint for sale to buy online through our web store. On this page you can find some of our top selling brands of eco interior emulsion paint, but on our other pages you can see we have eco wood paints as well as eco floor paints and many other eco friendly paints available. Please use the above navigation for more eco friendly paint. These eco paints are totally eco friendly, non toxic and either ZERO VOC, or super low VOC.  Natural ingredients are the star of the show here. We have both matt and a satin matt paint finishes.

All paints on our website are all eco friendly, as well as being non toxic. Whether you are saying ‘eco friendly’, or ‘natural’, it all is very similar. As well as being one of the leading stockist of natural Eco and natural Paints in the UK and Ireland, we offer many types of natural eco products. Our natural and eco paints are a mix of either water based, lime based or plant based paints.

All the paints are available in a number of wonderful colours and shades, both the eco emulsion paints and for wood, both gloss and matt silk. We have paint specifically for your house interior, such as for your kitchen or nursery. We also have eco friendly floor paint and primer for all the newest builds in the heart of London – get your pad looking incredible and with top eco credentials to boot. So, from walls to wood, from metals to ceilings, we have eco paint for whatever you need. If your stuck and need assistance please don’t hesitate and just get in contact today.

Common Questions:

Is paint eco friendly?
If you walk into you local DIY shop to buy some big brand off the shelf paint, then no, that paint is far from being eco friendly. Your standard paint is stuffed full of chemicals and nasty high VOC ingredients as standard. Why? Why is this normal? It’s normal because synthetic and mass produced chemicals are cheap and stable. Not only does it give everyone in the supply chain decent profit margins, it is also extremely bad for the environment and not ecologically sound. Most people don’t care, nor even realise the toxins in the paint they use, and I’m happy to say that if you’re here and reading this you are not that person which is amazing. Thank you for caring. Yes the natural choice can be a little more expensive, but it’s a justified expense, it’s not cheap buying natural well sourced ingredients and making it sustainable and ecologically.

What is eco paint?
Eco paint is the sustainably and ecologically sound way of manufacturing paints. This can be through using natural ingredients rather than synthetic materials and chemicals, or it can be through sustainable manufacturing processes and supply chain logistics. When we refer to eco paint we are talking about all of this. Sustainable, natural paints with every step of the supply chain being green and as eco friendly as possible.

How to make eco paint?
Good question, Graphenstone use organic and natural milled limes, mixed with water, natural graphene and a mix of natural binders to create their amazing range of natural paints.

Where can I buy eco paint?
We have a great range that you can buy online today, with next day delivery as standard. We ship Monday to Friday.

Why is paint bad for the environment?
Standard big brand paint is bad for the environment due to the amount of nasty synthetic chemicals and hazardous ingredients used in the manufacturing process. This is so that companies can make more profit, but at the determent of our health and environmental health, something that I just don’t stand for. These natural paints are as good, and even better than these chemical filled paints so you just don’t need to think about it anymore!

Does eco paint contain formaldehyde?
No, the Graphenstone range emulsion paints do not contain formaldehyde, it’s an awful chemical that we don’t  like!

What is the most environmentally friendly paint?
I think right now, the Graphenstone Ecosphere might be the most Green Certified paint in the world. They are certainly the most certified green paint manufacturer in the world right now as far as we are aware, if you find another please let me know!

Is water based paint environmentally friendly?
There are plenty of water based paints available from your local DIY store, and just because it says ‘water based’ does not mean it is an eco paint. A standard water based paint will contain as many chemicals as any other paint. Be aware of this! Our range of paints are environmentally friendly as standard, all of them.  Some people as “why is water based paint eco friendly?” It’s not. Just because it says this does not mean it’s safe, see above!

Is house paint toxic?
Yes! Your standard big brand house paint is toxic, as not only does it contain nasty chemicals and ingredients, it also will have a high VOC content which will leach these chemicals into your air for months, and even years into the future which could affect the health of you, your family and the environment. Stay away and just buy natural paints from our amazing range.