Natural Kitchen Paint & Eco Kitchen Paints

Natural Kitchen Paint & Eco Kitchen Paints

Kitchen wall paints are available in a couple of simple eco friendly options. If you are looking for a normal coloured natural emulsion paint for your kitchen I would recommend eiher the Graphenstone GCS Colour Emulsion – or if you are looking for tougher kitchen wall paint that is washable and a bit more hardwearing – I would suggest using the Graphenstone Grafclean. Both of these options are both eco friendly and sustainable, Graphenstone are the most green certified paint manufacturer around and we love their colours!


Kitchen cupboard paint: The best natural kitchen cupboard paint would be the Graphenstone Grafclean Midshine natural paint, which when used with the Graphenstone Four2Four natural primer works very well on wood, plastic paints and melamine cupboard doors. Make sure you use the primer!

Kitchen tile paint: We don’t have anything specific for naturally painting kitchen tiles, but using the Graphenstone Four2Four natural primer and then the Grafclean midshine you may get a good result (try a tester first though as I have not tested this myself!)

Kitchen door paint: If you are painting kitchen doors and want to use natural and eco friendly paints, then the best option would be to use the Graphenstone Four2Four natural primer, and then the Graphenstone Grafclean Midshine.

Kitchen unit paint: Depending on what they are made from, but generally if you use the universal natural primer Graphenstone Four2Four this will allow the Graclean Midshine to stick properly when painting your kitchen units.

Grey kitchen paint: This is a common question actually! We love the Graphenstone greys such as grey goose, which can be found here: Natural Colours

Kitchen ceiling paint: For ceilings you can use anything, if just white then I would suggest the Graphenstone Ecosphere, or if you want colours then the Graphenstone GCS Interior Emulsion.

Kitchen wood paint: For painting kitchen trim and other kitchen wood, I would recommend using the Graphenstone Universal Natural Primer Four2Four first, followed by the Natural Wood Paint Grafclean Midshine.