If you have found yourself staring at the tiles in your bathroom or the backsplash tiles in your kitchen and wishing you could spice it up a bit? well here’s your chance! This is a very simple do-it-yourself project that instructs just how you can get paint to stick to tiles so that you could create a colourful pattern (such as adding a few blue tiles to that plain white tiled divider in the kitchen!) for a chic, new look – without having to replace the tiles themselves!

First, be sure to thoroughly clean your tiles. Then apply painters tape to the grout surrounding the tile and make sure it is secure – this will preserve your crisp edge around the tile.

After your tile is cleaned and the area is taped off, it’s time to take a small paint roller and apply primer to your tile. A paint roller will ensure a smoother application than a brush, and prevent your painted tiles from standing out in a bad way.

When the primer is set, it’s time to paint! Paint your primed tile whatever colour you desire. It’s recommended you use the Graphenstone Midsheen, so that the finish can shine alongside the other tiles in the set.

Of course, if you prime the tiles – you can do all sorts of effects with them. From sponging different colours for a marbled effect to panting with stencils to get cute letters or pictures inside every odd tile, you have a wide variety of options! Using this, you can add unique qualities to the tiles in your home without spending too much money to replace all of the tiling.