Natural Nursery Paint & Baby Safe Furniture Paint



Personalising your baby’s nursery can present many challenges, but it can also be one of the most exciting times for soon-to-be parents. Preparing a nursery creates the opportunity to experiment with Do-It-Yourself projects that give a room the desired nurturing atmosphere. One of the most fundamental aspects of interior design is choosing the perfect paint. So you may find yourself asking, “Where do I begin when I want to paint my baby's nursery?”

While conventional petrochemical paints are easier to obtain and come in a variety of colours, it is no secret that they also contain highly toxic ingredients that can cause lung irritation, development of allergies, or asthma even when dry. These toxins could affect an infant and make him or her more susceptible to illness and other complications early in life.

Luckily in recent years, the availability of natural and organic paint has increased in order to combat the health hazards that conventional paint presents, as well as being an environmentally aware alternative. We now offer a wide selection of options to assist with a parents’ plethora of nursery ideas with the added bonus of being a green alternative to the paint that can be bought in stores.

Graphenstone Grafclean Premium can stand alone as a vibrant white wall paint, or it can mixed to one of our gorgeous colours.  These gentle tints allow for colours that are easy for an infant’s eyes as their colour vision develops without overwhelming them by surrounding them with loud hues. We offer eco paints wooden or metal implements within the nursery!

With a growing selection of environmentally friendly resources that make painting a nursery a breeze, not only does
The Organic and Natural Paint Co. help promote (and start!) healthy lifestyles for growing families, but it also offers parents peace of mind in a time when it is needed most.

More about baby safe paint and toy safety.
This is directly from Graphenstone, and you can see this and the actual certificate here.
“Product certificate for Ecosphere Premium and GrafClean Premium. In compliance with the Standard UNE-EN 71-3:2013 + A3:2018 – TOY SAFETY, the test has been carried out in the accredited laboratory “AIJU – ASSOCIATION OF RESEARCH FOR THE TOY AND RELATED INDUSTRIES”. This regulation focuses on the chemical conditions that allow the different agents involved in the commercialisation of toys to comply with the obligations of the community directive on toy safety (2009/48/EC).”

Baby Safe Paint – Common Questions.

What kind of paint is safe for babies?
Most off the shelf paint is not safe for babies as it has a high concentration of nasty chemicals and high VOC content, allowing gasses to leach into the air for months and years at a time. Not nice. We have natural paints that are safe, such as the Graphenstone Premium which are both marked to EN 71-3 “toy safe”

Is water based paint ok for babies?
Just because a paint is water based does not mean it is automatically say for babies. Water based paint from off the shelf at your local DIY store will have a whole host of chemical nasties in it. Rather than looking for ‘water based’ just look for certified ecologically sound and natural paints such as from our range, which we totally approve of!

How long after painting a room is it safe for baby?
We would always advise waiting a bit of time regardless of whether the paint is natural or not, as you will still have been sanding, cleaning and moving around so the general dust in the air will be quite high. Although the paints are fine straight away (as they have zero VOCs) I would still leave the paint at least one night after it’s dried to just settle down.

Is all paint safe for babies?
No, not in our opinion. Your standard house paints from your local DIY shop are not anywhere near as safe as the range of natural paints we have here. Graphenstone paints are the worlds most green certified paint brand, with all certificates and proof available on their website, quite incredible!

Is latex paint safe for babies?
Latex is a plastic, so found in chemical synthetic paints. I don’t see how this could ever be safe if it contains nasty chemicals and high VOCs. Just use a natural paint.

What is the best paint for a baby's room?
If you just want a super eco white paint, then the Ecosphere, if you want colours then the GCS interior, and for all areas if you want them tough and scrubbable I’d say the Grafclean premium!

Best baby safe wall paint uk?
I suggest Graphenstone Grafclean Premium for walls and ceilings, and Grafclean premium mid shine for wood.

Baby safe touch up paint.
For touching up walls? If you have used Graphenstone paint previously, I suggest just getting a tester pot and touching it up. Remember that we mix all orders to spec, and as they are made from natural ingredients please be aware that colours may vary form time to time.

What is the safest paint for nursery?
Graphenstone Premium is rated to EN 71-3, Toy Safe,  so that would be a good choice

Best baby safe nursery furniture paint?
I would say the standard Graphenstone Premium  – which is rated to EN 71-3, Toy Safe,  so that would be a good choice for sure. The premium is a matte finish.

Best baby safe washable paint:
Graphenstone Grafclean Premium is washable and scrubbable, and suitable for walls and ceilings.

What paint is safe for baby cribs?
I forget that people say crib! For all interior wood work I suggest using the Graphenstone Premium Misheen, which is baby safe / toy safe to EN 71-3. Always use the primer for wood.

Is Chalk Paint safe to use on a crib?
Chalk paint is not the best choice for cribs, no. If people are selling a ‘chalk paint’ for this use, it’s probably not even a true chalk paint! A chalk paint would rub off gradually. Just use a normal wood paint such as the Grafclean Midsheen.