How to paint a cotIf you are asking if you can paint a cot, then the answer is totally that you can, of course you can! There are many ways you can paint a cot, and we suggest choosing the most eco friendly and non toxic paint you can find, as most paints are actually just not that healthy for either you or your family. Normal paints leach chemicals into the air, and many other nasties that can affect your breathing and your health, as well as can trigger asthma and allergic reactions, hardly ideal.

One of the biggest issues is that people choose just weeks before the arrival of a new baby into the household to repaint the nursery and the painting of the baby’s cot, and this just exacerbates the problem, and at the worst possible timing for your delicate newborn.

All this can be avoided, and if you want to paint or even repaint your cot then if you use natural and non toxic paints then you can eliminate as many of these factors, as choosing one of the paints from the range, some of these are certified safe for babies and totally non toxic. A great non toxic, breathable, and safe natural wood paint for painting a cot is linked to below a popular choice and available in loads of colours.

So in answer to your initial question of whether you can paint a babies cot, the answer is a most certain yes, and we recommend painting with Graphenstone Natural products for the best health of your precious family!


Quite simply, if you are asking what paint to use on a baby cot then the short answer is to try one these:

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If you are looking for information and help about how to paint a cot you’ve come to the right place.

First of all let’s get a few things ironed out, if you’re about to paint a cot you must be aware that your standard off the shelf paint is just not as good as you think it is, your standard paint contains a whole host of nasties that leach chemicals and particles into the air for many years, which can trigger health problems such as asthma and other breathing difficulties, as well as causing allergic reactions and similar. The problems are far more common than you might think, we have lots of emails asking if these paints are safe around children and small families, and we are pleased to be able to say that almost everything the Graphenstone Paints creates is totally breathable, natural, eco friendly and non toxic.

So, to paint a cot, you must prepare the surface correctly, give it a good sand down and for a great finish would would recommend that you use a  natural primer to get the surface even and imperfection free. Once primed, lightly key the surface and apply your natural wood paint, products such as the Graphenstone Wood Paint safe in the knowledge that they are safe and non toxic, and certified safe for use. For more information and full ingredient lists please check out the product pages.


We often get asked is it safe to paint a cot, and the answer depends on what you’re painting the cot with. If you just head to your local paint retail, large or small, the choice might seem huge, but when you look at what is actually in the paint the choice suddenly diminishes.

Standard household paint is just not good for you, the majority of paints leach chemicals into the air for many years after they have been painted, whether this is a wall paint, or a standard wood paint. These airborne particles and chemicals can cause allergic reactions, trigger asthma as well as trigger all kinds of nasty side effects that we really could help to avoid.

Is it safe to paint a cot? Well, no, it’s not safe to paint a cot with standard paint if you want to give the best start for your newborn.

We have a solution however, our leading stocked brand Graphenstone paint to supply incredible natural  and eco friendly paint that is breathable, non toxic, and safe to use, and offer many paints that are totally suitable for safely paint a cot, allowing you to rest assured you are doing the right thing for you little one and your family.

We would suggest safely painting a cot with these wood paints which a both certified for use in the home and around babies.

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