Natural Wall & Eco Paint Filler & Plaster

Nature’s magic helped to create these unbeatable, organic products. Ingredients like citrus and castor oil lend helping hands to these organic paint fillers and plasters. Ready to go on mineral, plaster and organic surfaces, you’ll sort out those home renovation projects-and come out on top. 

As you can expect from these products offer nothing but the best ingredients, keeping you and your loved ones safe from the usual toxins found in outside products.  Nothing’s better than nature’s arsenal, when it comes to creating your dream home. Not only that, but these products are easy to use, making those DIY projects a breeze. Use the  Plaster for walls in dire need of new textures. Use  to smooth out the unevenness in your walls, or to simply cure the cracks in your living room walls. Those tired walls of yours will have an extra spring in their step, in no time at all!

By purchasing one of these natural home care products, you’ll be helping your home to glow in an environmental, healthy and beautiful way. Knock out those holes and cracks in your walls in no time at all! You’ll be looking at a brighter, happier home in a heartbeat.