Natural Paint & Eco Friendly Paints

Natural, eco friendly, safe and non toxic paints for your home. Natural paints, the sustainable and eco friendly green alternative. No more chemicals leaching into the air, creating a safer environment for your and your family – helping your family breathe in a cleaner & safer home. We stock natural interior emulsion paints, as well as all the natural wood and trim paints you would need such as natural wood paints and specialist paints. There is now no need to use conventional high VOC paints that leach chemicals into the air for several years after you have painted your walls, make the world a cleaner place by choosing natural paints for your breathing spaces.




Natural Paint for your home

We are fast offering the UK a great selection of non toxic and eco friendly paints to replace the current and standard paints. These new natural paints are Eco friend and only made of safe natural ingredients, all 'recipes' are included and you can see exactly what raw materials have been used created these excellent new paints. Switch to all natural today! Our choice of natural paint is the answer to increasing demands to be green and protect the environment. Made from natural ingredients like lime, chalk, clay and natural earth and mineral dyes, our line of natural paint contains no chemicals or harsh volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The paints are either VOC free of minimal VOC free paints. Because our paint is natural and uses natural pigments there is no need to worry about the health hazards that are often associated with standard conventional paints such as headaches, nausea and allergic reactions.

Natural paints for better environmental footprint

You’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment and becoming more carbon neutral and doing your part to preserve the depleting ozone layer. The natural paint for interior and exterior walls and ceilings includes products like resin and plant based wall paint that is perfectly safe for indoor use and washable wall paint that can be easily cleaned once dry making it ideal for public areas and spots in your home that are prone to messes such as kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a huge array water based, lime based and plant based range of colours, these great top selling paints are produced using green processes and environmentally friendly ingredients that will keep you and the environment safe. In addition to being extremely durable, our eco paints and natural paint is so safe any excess can actually be composted. Make the smart, sustainable decision and go green with amazing range of natural paint products made with a sustainable production process. We can colour match any paint you send us, if you let us know in advance we can tint to anything from the NCS colour palette.

We have a natural paint for you whatever you're painting

When it's time to give your home a makeover, you'll find the perfect allies in our paints and primers. With a wide variety of cool, refreshing colours, you’ve got the perfect tools in giving your home a new look. Natural paints and primers are eco-friendly, enabling you to create not just a colourful environment, but a healthy environment as well. These easy-to-work-with products are organic, created with many of nature’s unrivalled ingredients. With interior paints, primers, wall paints and chalk paints, you’d be hard pressed to find a better selection elsewhere. Bring your living rooms to life.

A beautiful range of natural paint colours

When you purchase one of these natural paints, you give yourself the opportunity to choose from colours that look beautiful. You’ll be well on your way to giving your home an unparalleled, magical sparkle that will dazzle your family and friends! Not only that, but you’ll be choosing products that will give your surfaces hearty, formidable protecting. Are there areas in your home with high traffic? No need to worry; once you’ve given your home a makeover with natural paints and primers, your precious kitchen walls, bathroom walls and living room area will have the perfect bodyguard against high traffic.

Whatever hero you choose, you won’t go wrong with natural environmentally aware, naturally colourful products!