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Organic Paint - Organic Wall & House Paints


All of our paints are as natural as they can be, often either ZERO VOC or incredibly low, but all contain only natural ingredients. Oil based paints use organic linseed oils or organic lime, and all of our organic paint are sustainable. There are many advantages of using organic paint in your home, it's better for you, you don't have lingering harmful toxins leaching out into your home like conventional paints - and some of our natural and organic paints are certified safe for kids and animals, so suitable for painting kids rooms, the nursery and around your baby. We prefer the brand Graphenstone Paint, and we advise them above all others. We have many organic paint colours available, for both the interior and the exterior outdoor areas of your home, as well as all necessary organic or natural thinners and primers to complement. Although some people ask how to make organic paints, and ask the best recipe for making organic paint - there really is no substitute for natural paints if you actually want something that will last as much or longer than a standard petrochemical paint. We have plenty of organic paint reviews and testimonials from many happy customers! 

 Natural Paints are on organic lime bases, using natural mineral and plant pigments for colour and chalks for fillers. We have a great selection of natural and organic eco friendly paints, all ingredients are available to view in each of the product data sheets that are linked from each product page, fully transparent with nothing to hide. No other manufacturer of 'natural' paint that does that.

When you need nothing but the best, choose natural and send every other product West. When you select from one many organic paints, you’re not only getting vibrant colours, but a stunning environment as well. These incredible paints are free of the toxic waste found in ordinary products, making this lineup knock-out. In searching for eco-friendly, radiant paints, you’ll find the perfect hero here

Revive your living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms with colors like these. They give you unique, fresh colors to select from, all the while enabling you to create a strong, beautiful and healthy home. This company is well-known for its products, and with good reasons: what other company creates such brilliant, eco-friendly products? Where else can you get dazzling colors like these? Stunning colors and textures await you right here.

These paints are odour-absorbent, freeing your home from those pesky scents. Your surfaces will be glowing in no time once you use one of these natural  paints, protected from those restless, energetic guests? With raw, organic ingredients, these paints are easy to use, making it simple for even beginners to jump into home renovation.

Organic paint is the obvious choice when you take a look at the harmful effects regular paint has on the human body and on the environment. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are present in regular paints release harmful vapors that can cause everything from eye, nose and throat irritation to liver, kidney and central nervous system damage with long term exposure. As for the negative impact on the environment, the chemicals used to manufacture the paint add to already high levels of pollution. Breathe easy with our organic paints and rest assured you are making the responsible choice. Our selection of organic paint emulsions go on smooth and cover beautifully on any interior organic or mineral surface.
All ingredients are natural and organic such as water, plant oils and natural minerals and organic lime. These raw materials are only collected from environmentally managed areas and are produced in accredited carbon neutral factories. Our award winning organic paints are scientifically proven to be easier on allergy sufferers. Do your part for the environment and the safety of your family and switch to organic paint today!
Bringing you some of the best ranges of organic paint for your house, a properly ethical and great way to paint your house the responsible way, using all natural and organic ingredients. We think that every house in the UK should be using organic paints to cover their walls, as it's not only better for the environment, it is also better for allergy suffers too. Do your bit to help the environment today by switching to organic paints for your home.