Earth Day is coming up in April, so it’s the perfect time to mix things up for your children’s craft time!  Earth Day art is the ideal opportunity to teach kids about recycling and being Earth friendly.  For this fun craft you’ll need to assemble some items: organic paint that is non-toxic to both your children and the Earth, recycled paper or cardboard that can be painted on, and some cotton buds or paintbrushes for painting.

Draw a circle on your recycled canvas and outline some continents… No need to be perfectly accurate!  The idea here is to give the general outlines of a globe that your child will paint in.  Blue and green should be the only colours you need for this project, so pour those natural paints into an old jar lid or plastic cap and let the kids have at them.  It’s ok if they go outside the lines because you’ll be cutting out the globes when the painting is done.

Using cotton buds and cotton balls instead of paintbrushes can be easier for small hands to manipulate, and it allows for easier clean up.  Give your children a variety of options and let them get creative!  During this project you can talk to them about recycling and being kind to the Earth.  An art project and an education—oh my!

Once those globes are painted in and dry, cut out the circles and hang them on the fridge, or have your child paint both sides of their paper or cardboard, cut it out when complete, punch a hole in the top and hang it in a window or doorway.  Join in and paint your own globe right alongside if you wish.  Have fun with it and your child is sure to do the same!