Lampshades are often overlooked as an opportunity to decorate, but they shouldn’t be!  Lamps are focal points that catch the eye and provide your light both day and night.  Many lamps come with plain white or off-white shades.  While they are the most versatile as far as fitting in to any home’s colour scheme, they aren’t adding anything extra to your décor.  Thankfully there’s a very easy fix for that – painting or decorating you lampshades!

There are tonnes of ways to decorate lampshades, so do some research or draw up some ideas first.  Small, simple changes can have a huge impact on your whole room.  For example, painting the inside of a lampshade with gold spray paint casts a warm, yellow glow throughout the room which instantly ups the coziness vibe.

Wrap lampshades with plain twine or yarn in one or more colours for an ombre effect that adds a lovely texture.  Or purchase stencils and add trendy accents with eco friendly paint tinted black to your shades.  You can also use sponges, stamps, even forks to stamp shapes and designs onto plain lampshades.

Cut up pieces of leather or fabric in different shapes and colours and use an eco friendly glue to stick them onto your lampshade like a mosaic.  Leave small cracks between the pieces to allow the light to peek through.  Fabric tape in different colours and patterns can be the perfect addition to a dull lampshade!  Adhere tape in zig-zags or circle the shade with them.

If your lampshade has a bold frame underneath, you could even remove the fabric to expose the wires for a stylish minimalist touch.  Be creative and have fun with it!  Decorating lampshades is an easy creative outlet that will make a big impact on any room.  Whether you’re hand painting your shade, covering it with glitter, adding star or flower cut-outs or gluing on newspaper or pages from books, we know you’re going to come up with tonnes of bright ideas all your own.