So you’re finally bringing home your new puppy!  This is a special and exciting time, so making sure you’ve done your best to puppy proof your home for your puppy’s safety (and your sanity) is vital.  Puppies will get into everything and are prone to chewing and having accidents.  It can be a stressful stage, but as any animal lover knows, it is worth it in the long run!  With some thought and planning, you can reduce your stress and your new addition’s chances of getting into trouble.

As you go from room to room, keep an eye out for things like power cords, plants, knick knacks and chemicals.  Make sure to keep clutter picked up as a curious puppy will chew on anything… Not only is that going to be annoying for you, some items could be fatal to a dog if swallowed.  Utilise baby gates and barricades to keep your puppy in rooms that are safe.

The garage and underneath sinks can hold a host of dangers for a wandering pup—fertilisers, petrol, rat poison, bug spray, antifreeze and more.  Cabinet doors can be secured with child locks while dangerous products in the garage can be put up on high shelves or stored in tubs with tight fitting lids.

Some plants are toxic to puppies, so do your research!  Even plants that are non-toxic can make quite a mess if a naughty puppy digs them up.  The best place to gate your new puppy is in a room with tile, linoleum or wooden floors—easier clean up!  If your puppy will have access to spaces with wood floors, make sure they are sealed with a product that repels water and dirt.

Keep an eye out for hidden dangers and make sure any items that might be chewed on or licked have been painted or stained with an organic, all natural paint or a safe, water-based varnish that will be non-toxic to your new addition.  Just do your best and be ever vigilant.  Don’t worry, you’ll learn as you go!