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Indoor Air Quality, Paint, and You. Why it matters.

Indoor Air Quality, Paint, and You. Why it matters.

Posted by The Organic & Natural Paint Co. on 4th Dec 2013

Auro Anti Mould Paint

It is no secret that conventional paint produces a strong odour. When painting a room, it can cause terrible headaches from the smell and irritate your lungs. Then after the job is done, it can take days or even weeks for paint fumes to disperse. While both of these things are unpleasant and inconvenient, have you ever stopped to wonder if there is more to it than that? Have you ever thought to question what these fumes could mean for your or your family’s wellbeing?

Conventional paint poses serious health risks for people because of its toxic ingredients such a volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or solvents evaporate into the air as the freshly applied paint dries. This dramatically reduces indoor air quality (IOQ) of the area. While the severity of effects these could have on a person varies due to many conditions such as exposure and how much of the ingredient is present in the air, it also depends on the susceptibility of the person inhaling these ingredients. Children, the elderly, people with weakened immune system or respiratory problems, and pregnant women are more susceptible to these VOCs that can cause asthma and allergies. Some VOCs are even considered carcinogenic by health boards.

In order to prevent these health risks, natural and organic paints have been developed to improve the indoor air quality of houses. These paints do not contain solvents or harmful VOCs, and have been developed by a team of caring individuals to promote fresh air within one’s home. They utilise natural ingredients such as plant dyes, milk proteins, and natural oils to achieve the same results of conventional paints as a healthier alternative. These safer alternatives are the answer to the risks that conventional paint can pose on you or your family, and are readily available through The Organic and Natural Paint Co. online. The wide range of Auro Natural Paint makes any DIY project easier and safer for you and your family.