Moving house is often described as one of the most stressful experiences a human can endure, but what about the impact on the planet? All those miles of tape and acres of cardboard and bubble wrap contribute to the global waste problem, and even if conventionally recycled, create further demand for these wasteful products. So what can you do to move house without hurting the environment? Today we’ll take a look at some alternatives to conventional packing and moving, and find out whether all that paper and plastic is really necessary.

Packing Tape: A Sticky Problem

Tape is a must have when moving. Even if you tuck the tops of boxes together, there’s still the danger of the bottom falling out if tape is not used. So what can you do? Most packing tape is made of plastic, but there are green alternatives. For example, the Green Stationery Company offers a fully biodegradable tape which achieves its stickiness using a sustainable hi-tac formula. If you want to eliminate tape entirely, buy some compostable twine and use it to secure your boxes.

Bursting the Bubble Wrap Bubble

There’s no doubting the effectiveness of bubble wrap, or the fun to be had popping it, but it is a highly wasteful product, and if you’re serious about making your move green, cutting it out is a must. Thankfully, you already have the alternative. Use bedding, pillows, blankets, even clothes to wrap your delicate items during the move. This way, you don’t need bubble wrap, plus you save space as you don’t have to pack your textiles separately.

Pack Smart, Save Fuel

Using textiles instead of bubble wrap has the added benefit of reducing the overall volume of your possessions, which means you can fit them in a smaller removal van, saving fuel. Think about how you pack each box, and make sure there’s no space wasted. Even without the green benefits, this is great advice, since as well as saving on fuel, condensing your possessions down could save you money too.

We’d love to hear your ideas for ways to make moving house a greener affair. If you’ve got your own waste-busting tip to share, drop us a line!