As the sun starts to peek out and the temperature slowly rises, the first thing on many people’s minds is gardening! Spring is the perfect time of year to be outside playing in the dirt. “What if I don’t have a garden to play in?” you ask… That’s where window boxes come in! Whether you’ve a balcony or merely a window, you can have your own contained flower bed right at your fingertips year-round.

Painting With Natural & Eco Friendly Paints

If you had plants in your window box last season, make sure to clean out their remains before starting your new arrangement. You might want to change out the soil completely, though you might get away with only changing half if the dirt has only been used for one prior planting.

Window boxes look great with plants that spill over the front such as ivy or draping plants, textured filler plants in the middle that will please the eye, and taller, upright, colourful plants or flowers in the back. Go to the nursery and pick out your plants once you’ve planned your design. Don’t forget to take into account the amount of sunlight your window box will be receiving. You may need to shop for shade loving plants as opposed to sun worshippers.

As for the window boxes themselves, you can paint or stain them with eco environmentally friendly paint to match your home, or use them as accent pieces that pop against a brick or stone home front. Paint them in bright colours then add polka dots or stripes for a playful vibe. Use a dark stain to create an elegant container that will allow your plantings to be the stars. Window boxes offer a wonderful creative opportunity that you can decorate and change-out seasonally to always have your house feeling like a cozy home.

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