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Natural Glue

Natural Glue - Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Glue for Interior Use

Natural Universal Adhesive is an eco friendly and non toxic household DIY glue designed for all kinds of applications around the home. From installing tiles to fitting bathroom fixtures, this all natural glue is the ultimate addition to any environmentally-conscious toolbox. With mineral fillers, orange oil, water and swelling clay topping off an impressive array of ingredients, you have an adhesive that will get the job done right, naturally.

This eco-friendly adhesive is suitable for projects that require internal bonding. Suitable for unsealed cork materials, whether sheet or roll bulk. This natural adhesive can also be applied to natural fibre carpets with jute and natural latex backing. Also suitable for linoleum, this natural latex milk and natural resin dispersion adhesive will help you create a strong bond without harsh chemical emissions.

Applying Natural Universal Adhesive is simple. First, make sure your room is dry and tempered ready for application. Your covering materials and utensils should be at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius for optimum performance. Stir your natural adhesive well before applying it to your tiles, and also during application.

Unless you mean to use this natural adhesive as a primer, please do not thin it with water, as you will limit its ability to form a strong bond. The glue dries in 20 minutes, so apply as you go rather than laying a whole floor at once. Please note that this product is not suitable for floors in wet areas. This natural latex milk and natural resin dispersion adhesive has a white shade when wet, but dries to a light grey shade.

Please see the linked data sheet for information regarding allergies before using this product.


Natural Floor Adhesive - Natural Floor Glue

Natural Floor Adhesive is an eco friendly floor glue offering a non toxic, safe and natural alternative to conventional floor glues. Designed to provide professional quality natural adhesive for pro tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike, this natural and breathable floor adhesive is a universal glue made from natural latex milk and a range of all natural resins.

This eco friendly floor glue has a huge number of applications, including the bonding of lino, cork, textile floor coverings, and even natural fibre carpets. Natural Floor Adhesive is the perfect choice for hessian, jute, or sisal backed carpets, and is the ideal way to ensure you don't compromise your eco-friendly ideals when using a natural carpet.

 Natural Floor Adhesive is easy to work with, and is characterised by its excellent adhesive power and suitability for floor coverings. Thanks to its efficient formulation, Natural Floor Adhesive cSuitable for bonding the following materials indoors: Unsealed cork materials (piece goods and metre goods), Linoleum, composites based on linoleum and granulated cork, Granulated cork and cork-felt cardboard, Textile floor coverings (tiles and roll goods).

This natural floor adhesive is also superb for use on Natural fibre carpeting with jute or natural latex backing. However, it is not suitable for use in areas of damp rooms directly exposed to water (e.g. showers).

Eco Friendly, Safe and Non Toxic Natural Contact Adhesive Glue 75ml

Natural glue, eco friendly, breathable, and non toxic glue. We've been wanting to get a decent natural and eco friendly contact glue in stock for quite some time, and we've found an excellent choice here. This natural glue is suitable for almost everything around the house, and is a great alternative to standard toxic solutions.

You and your children have art projects you’re wanting to tackle. Perhaps you’re ready to decorate for the holidays. Or maybe there’s a wooden toy that needs mending. Whatever the challenge is, you’ve got the perfect ally in Eco Contact Glue. This chemical-free glue will allow you and your children to work your magic safely. Create art projects without worry with this eco-friendly product. Your tube of Natural Contact Glue comes with biodegradable residue, so while you’re putting that wooden horse back together, you’re keeping our wildlife friends safe!

The Natural Contact Glue works wonders on paper items, wooden items, ceramics and more! How should you go about using this magic? Apply the glue evenly to plastics, cardboard, or whatever else needs durable mending! You've got a product that's safe for toys, so whenever your son's action figures fall apart, summon your ally: your brand-new, ecological contact glue! You can't beat a chemical-free, eco-friendly glue when it comes to creating a safe, healthy environment!

So you're ready to start using your solvent-free glue. Make sure your surfaces are free from dust and grease! Wait for your glue to become transparent, after application, between 5-30 minutes! The length of time you must wait depends on the project you’re tackling. Now, press those surfaces together, and you’re good to go! For extra absorbent material, apply your Eco Contact Glue to one side only, then press your surfaces together immediately!

You’ve created wonderful works of art, all the while protecting the environment! All with the power of A Eco Friendly, Safe and Non Toxic Natural Contact Adhesive Glue