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Natural Wood Wax

Wall Glaze Wax - Natural Wall Glazing - Non Toxic Eco Friendly

 Wall Glaze is the ideal way to protect your painted surfaces and create a durable, water-repellant seal against damp and contamination. When used over walls painted , this solvent-free, eco-friendly glaze provides a water-repellent surface that protects the wood while being breathable and maintaining the natural protection of the wall paint.

Ideal for use on surfaces painted with  paints, Wall Glaze allows you to create a truly breathtaking finish without using harsh chemicals or toxic additives.

The wax layer formed by the glaze protects the wall from food stains or kid's hand prints, making the wall glaze a great choice in kitchens and children's rooms. The low-VOC wall glaze can also be used with pigments to provide more vivid colours.

Water-based, low-odour glaze
May be applied painting or with a foam plastic roller; creative designs are achieved by wiping, dabbing, or winding


Natural Care Wax For Renewing Waxed Wooden Floors & Furniture

Care Wax is the eco-friendly way to care for your wooden floors and furniture. This natural, non toxic wax brings quick and easy protection to all wooden finished surfaces, wooden furniture, and wooden floors, and is the perfect alternative to conventional floor care products, many of which contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Natural Care Wax acts as defence for waxed timber furniture as well as protecting floor surfaces against wear and tear. It delivers outstanding performance on waxed floors, forming a dirt- and water-repellent, breathable, antistatic layer.

Care Wax can be thinned with water. Application is best performed after thorough cleaning with floor cleaners, or  paint and glaze cleaner. This will help eliminate small scuff marks without having to restrip and wax the entire wooden surface

Environmentally friendly
Low VOC content
After cleaning, allow surfaces to dry thoroughly for best results.
If the surface is already rough, we suggest fine sanding first. This can be done either with sanding fleece or corundum sandpaper.Once opened, store product in the original packaging and in a dry cool (but protected from frost) place, closed tightly.

To apply to furnishings and smaller wooden items, use a water-moistened sponge or cloth. Spread sparingly and evenly on the surface. After around 10 minutes the particular milky-like emulsions fade away to a clear finish. Let it dry out around over night, then apply additional coats as needed.



1 Coat Natural Wood Oil & Wax (2in1) For Wooden Floors 

Natural oil and wax for wood - This 2-in-1 product is perfect for the the weekend DIY enthusiast: Just one application and your wooden floor is both oiled and waxed. Suitable for untreated or pre-oiled wood, this eco-friendly wax can be applied using a roller, brush, or spatula.

This solvent-free oil-wax is ideal for for one-coat treatment of wooden surfaces and high-traffic floors; it also works for other interior wood surfaces such as furniture and children's toys. It contains a sophisticated combination of natural resins and waxes that together create a durable, water-resistant finish and sealer that enhances and maintains the beauty and breathability of most wood.Transparent with natural honey-tinting effect, this product is very easy to use and offsets different absorbency levels in the wood, ensuring it doesn’t blister or peel. Because of its high spread rate, one coat is all you need for general flooring. This natural and low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) product contains no toxic ingredients such as biocides or lead driers. It's completely safe for everyone and, once cured, has virtually no odour.

Can be used to renovate old wax systems.

Natural Oil & Wax 2 in 1 Impregnation for wood & floors

Natural 2-in-1 Oil Wax Impregnation is an eco friendly and non toxic wax impregnation treatment for furniture and and floors. If you're looking for a product that will naturally lift your wooden furniture's spirits, this natural floor and surface care oil will have your wooden furniture, wooden floors and wooden surfaces glowing in no time. Providing 100% natural environmentally sound formulation with incredible performance, this is the ideal product for any eco-conscious home.

Application is simple. Make sure your wooden surfaces are dry before applying the  Oil Wax Impregnation. You can then apply with a brush, roll or spray bottle. The liquid, transparent oil and wax usually only takes one application to apply. However, if you have wood in need of special care or attention, up to three coats can be applied. Just make sure you polish the surface between each application.

If you're looking for a natural oil wax to treat your wooden furniture, make sure you order Natural 2-in-1 Oil Wax Impregnation online today.


Natural Wood Wax For Wooden Floors & Furniture Hard Wax

Natural Hard Wax Finish offers a non toxic and eco friendly alternative to conventional finishing and protection wax. The perfect way to give wooden floors, fittings, and furniture a makeover, this low-odour, chemical free balsam is ideal for use around the home, including in nurseries and playrooms.

helps you to create a lustrous, hard wearing finish on floors and wooden furniture. Hard Wax works in perfect harmony with your home, and is ideal for use with floorboard and tiles. Linoleum, cork, natural stone and unglazed clay tiles can all gain a new lease on life with a coat of Natural Hard Wax.

This low-odor, chemical-free balsam will infuse your floors and surfaces with the natural power of beeswax and vegetable waxes will give your wooden floors, furniture and tiles that extra touch of protection, while the addition of linseed oil helps wood to shine. Lastly, castor oil helps in creating a protective shield for your floors, furniture and surfaces.

We recommend applying a thin coat with either a cloth ball or a polishing machine. It is highly recommended that you use the Hard Wax as a follow up to one of  many natural primers, such as the Special Primer. This will allow the Hard Wax to be at its strongest, giving your floors, surfaces and furniture a hard, protective, and irresistibly attractive light honey polish.

If you're looking for a natural, organic floor treatment which doesn't skimp on durability, don't miss Natural Hard Wax.


Natural Wood Wax For Wooden Floors - Water Based Non Toxic

Natural Wood Wax is an eco friendly and non toxic wood wax and wood protector which is specially designed to offer maximum protection while minimising emissions. This organic wax treatment is naturally dirt repellent, providing peerless performance without harsh chemical additives.

This high performance natural and eco friendly wood wax is formulated to be naturally dirt repellant and solvent free, minimising emissions without compromising on its protective qualities. With a honey coloured finish and deep protection with high abrasion resistance, this wood wax offers an excellent alternative to conventional lacquers and varnishes.  Natural Wood Wax is made from vegetable and beeswax, and is ideal for wooden or linoleum floor surfaces, as well as for furniture and household wooden items.

We suggest that you should pretreat wood types that are rich in active substances with special primer, and other woods with Hard Primer. This will provide the perfect base layer for the  Wood Wax.

For best results you should use a short pile roller to apply. For corners, edges and around details you should use a plastic or mixed fibre paintbrush to finely apply. We advise polishing with a lint free cotton cloth or polishing machine whilst the natural wood wax is in a soft state (Which is between 20 and 60 minutes after applying). If you would like to create a satin matt finish, you need to polish no earlier than 20 minutes but no later than 1 hour.

After 24 hours the wax will be dry enough to walk upon, although full hardness will be achieved about 2 weeks. Try and avoid moisture during this time. We advise cleaning floors with  Floor Care Milk, as these are specially formulated to maintain and nourish the natural protection of the wax.



Natural Liquid Bees Wax for furniture - Eco Friendly Liquid Beeswax

Natural Liquid Wax for Furniture is a premium eco friendly, natural and non toxic liquid bees wax suitable for finishing wood and furniture. It has a breathable, honey coloured finish, and can be finished to either a satin matt or silk gloss finish, depending on how you apply and polish it. This excellent natural liquid beeswax can be easily applied with a cloth or paint brush, and is suitable for all wood types.