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Natural Thinners Non Toxic & Eco Friendly- Auro 191

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Natural thinners, eco friendly and non toxic citrus oil thinners. 

Auro 191 Natural Thinner is an eco friendly, breathable, and non toxic citrus oil thinner, and is the perfect 100% natural and organic alternative to white spirit. This totally environmentally friendly thinner is formulated from safe, 100% natural citrus oils, and gives all the performance of conventional paint thinners without the harsh chemicals or potentially harmful emissions.

Auro 191 Natural Thinner is the ideal organic, safe turpentine substitute to use with all Auro oil based paints and products, as well as Auro 126 and Auro 129 floor finishes and Auro 935 Natural Gloss Paint.

You can also use this specially formulated natural thinner to clean your paint brushes when using natural oil paints, just as with traditional turpentine or white spirit. You can even use this eco friendly thinner around the house as a household alternative to white spirit and other thinners for everything from stain removal to lifting ashesive residue from metal furniture.

Citrus thinners are 90% natural balsamic turpentine and 10% natural orange oil 

Auro 191 is made from balsamic turpentine. Balsamic turpentine should not be confused with standard petrochemically derived turpentine, commonly known as white spirit. Balsamic turpentine is a fluid plant oil with a fresh, slightly resinous scent, and is derived from various species of pine tree. It is used in paints and varnishes as thinning agent but also as bath supplement and for medicinal applications.

  • Sourced from Europe and Asia
  • Essential oil base

One of the truly indispensable alternative decorating supplies, with Auro 191 Natural Thinner there is no reason to ever use chemical white spirit again. Though this is a 100% natural product, it still has a powerful effect, so, like normal white spirits, it should not be used on fabrics or polished surfaces as it is a powerful natural solvent

So, if you're looking for a natural alternative to turpentine, make sure you order Auro 191 Natural Thinner online today.

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