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Natural Emulsion Paint - Classic Eco Interior Wall Paint Auro 321

£25.99 inc VAT

Natural interior house paint, non toxic and eco friendly emulsion paint by Auro. This is a top selling natural and breathable interior emulsion paint is a excellent example of a modern natural eco paint that performs extremely well as a sustainable and environmental friendly non toxic paint for walls and ceilings.


(If you're set on an 'old' colour due to having an old colour chart please email me )

Solvent Free
Roller or brush application


This ZERO VOC house paint is based on Organic resins and all natural ingredients, and is always part of our top selling list! We now have an extended range of beautiful natural colour choices, we're sure you'll find something to suit. 

Is there something even better than this? Auro 321 is an all purpose standard eco house paint and does a great job. If you want a harder wearing, washable finish the newer Auro 524 Premium emulsion paint is a big step up from this Auro 321, as the 524 is a newer recipe, better coverage and better opacity, as well as sticks onto far more surfaces than the 321. A worthy upgrade and well worth the small extra cost. 

What about paint for wood and trim? I'd personally recommend the water based wood paints such as the natural gloss Auro 260 Satin / Matt wood paint or the Auro 250 Gloss wood paint, and the Auro 321 in white matches the Auro 250/260 white, which is quite useful! The newer Auro 524 is whiter as it's using a new binder. 

Suitable for: Bedroom | Bathroom | Kitchen | Hallway | Ceilings | Living Spaces | All mineral & organic surfaces | Plaster | Plasterboard | Wall paper etc, subject to domestic wear. 

  • Winner of What Doctors Don't Tell You - Proof Report's 'Most tolerated paint' (conducted by allergy sufferers)
  • Medically recommended for lodgings
  • Certified as totally VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free
  • Auro are the only accredited carbon neutral paint company
  • Auro was voted best DIY product by Ethical Consumer Magazine and is currently one of their Best Buy products
  • Contains no animal derived ingredients
  • Auro have been operating and developing eco friendly paints for over 25 years.
  • Auro Natural Paints are based on organic linseed oil resins, using natural mineral and plant pigments for colour and chalks for fillers.
  • A excellent quality general purpose interior and ceiling natural paint
  • Available in white, or colour premixed, or you can buy the pigment and mix yourself.
  • Use on all mineral and organic surfaces
  • Contains rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils
  • Re-coatable after 6-8 hours. 
  • Coverage of 9m²  per litre
  • Available in a tester 60ml, 2.5 Litres, 5 Litres and 10 Litres
  • Tester pot (60ml) & tested colour swatch charts available (and recommended!)

Downloadable Tech & Help Sheets:

Certificate "medically recommended for lodgings" (PDF 64Kb)

Application: For flawless application, use a brush, spray gun or paint roller. Auro 321 Matt Emulsion dries in 6-8 hours. If you’re using one of our darker colours, it is a good practice to prep your walls with the Auro 301 Plaster Primer first. Total wipe resistance is achieved after 2 weeks, as you need to allow time for the natural linseed resin to fully cure, however it is re-coatable after 6-8 hours. This paint is best applied with brush, roller or spray gun. We advise to prime absorbent surfaces with a thin coat when using lighter shades or white, with a thinned coat of around 20% (although some people prefer 30%). If you are applying on darker colours we would often advise to use the Auro 301 Plaster Primer. Also, when using much deeper shades of any colour we would recommend using one of our micro fibre rollers or even brush application for superior results. We do find that that you should try and cut in around light switches, features and edges first and work towards the wet edge. We advise that you wash your brushes with Auro 411 Plant Soap for best results immediately after use. Make sure you remove flaking and unstable paint, and wash down with either sugar soap or Auro 435 cleaner - and Auro would recommend two coats. 

More info: This totally natural, eco friendly and sustainable safe non toxic house paint is perfect for your living room or bedrooms, and any interior living space where you will spend large amounts of time. Auro 321 really does contribute to a comfortable and fresh house environment. Auro 321 is now certified as totally VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free, which is an incredible achievement for such a natural and premium quality eco modern paint. This paint is also now medically recommended, and we have the certificate to prove it - 'The Certificate "medically recommended for lodgings' - so you can rest assured you're not breathing in harmful formaldehyde which is a staple in standard high street interior paint.  Auro 321 contains rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils and smells wonderful! Auro 321 Matt Emulsion paint is chemical and fungicide free and perfect for indoor use in areas that experience light wear. With its all natural ingredients, this matt emulsion is safe and environmentally friendly. The micro-porous characteristics make it ideal for use on mineral and organic surfaces such as plaster and wallpaper subject to domestic wear and tear. This paint is available in white, but now also available in many colours, or you can buy the pigments separately and mix to your own perfect colour. The choice is yours. Self colour with the Auro 330 colour concentrate for perfect results. Auro 321 Natural interior wall and ceiling paint is pretty much our best selling natural paint. Auro 321 is a matt eco friendly paint for interior use on all mineral and organic surfaces. One of the best selling organic and natural paints on the market, and one of the best looking paint for your home.

Rest assured that this natural interior paint is one of the best you can buy in the UK, and here at The Natural & Organic Paint Co we offer one of the best prices on the internet through our online store. If you can find it cheaper elsewhere get in contact and we will see if we can match that price. Buy top quality natural paint online here and let us know how you get on, we value your feedback on ay product we have on sale here!

Ingredients: Mineral fillers, water, Replebin, titanium dioxide, cellulose, surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil, ammonia, thiazolesFAQ - Do any paints contain or are they free from methylisothiazolinone?

What does organic mean? AURO  use the light yellow, fatty oil from the seeds of sunflowers, rapeseed oil and soya from certified organic farming (COF, from certified organic farming - see for certificates). It is used in Auro lacquers, paints and soaps. 

Please Note: All products (paints / finishes / oils / waxes etc) are held in white and clear only, everything else is hand coloured specifically to your order (when you select from a colour range) by our wonderful mixing team, so unfortunately cannot be returned. Please please please try a tester pot first beforehand!


This colour chart is for Auro 524 Premium Emulsion, Auro 321 Classic Emulsion and the new Clay Paint (Launching this week)

Daisy - Auro Paint
White Bryony
White Bryony - Auro Paint
Snowdrop - Auro Paint
Cow Parsley
Cow Parsley - Auro Paint
Elderflower - Auro Paint
Paperwhites - Auro Paint
Cotton White
Cotton White - Auro Paint
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom - Auro Paint
MIstletoe - Auro Paint
Sweet Cicely
Sweet Cicely - Auro Paint
Speedwell - Auro Paint
Silver Birch
Silver Birch - Auro Paint
Weeping Pear
Weeping Pear - Auro Paint
Yorkshire Fog Grass
Yorkshire Fog Grass - Auro Paint
Crab Apple
Crab Apple - Auro Paint
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley - Auro Paint
Sea Holly
Sea Holly - Auro Paint
Artemesia - Auro Paint
Powis Castle
Powis Castle - Auro Paint
Mrs Wilmott's Ghost
Mrs Wilmotts Ghost - Auro Paint
Lamb's Ear
Lambs Ear - Auro Paint
Artichoke - Auro Paint
Anemome - Auro Paint
Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth - Auro Paint
Hydrangea Bluebird
Hydrangea Bluebird - Auro Paint
Peppermint - Auro Paint
Cactus - Auro Paint
Forget-Me-Not - Auro Paint
Meconopsis - Auro Paint
Cornflower Blue
Cornflower Blue - Auro Paint
Agapanthus - Auro Paint
Magnolia Noir
Magnolia Noir - Auro Paint
Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies - Auro Paint
Pistachio - Auro Paint
Solomon's Seal
Solomons Seal - Auro Paint
Lemon Sage
Lemon Sage - Auro Paint
Johnson's Blue
Johnsons Blue - Auro Paint
Jade Vine
Jade Vine - Auro Paint
Turquoise Pompon
Turquoise Pompon - Auro Paint
Water Lily
Water Lily - Auro Paint
Catkins - Auro Paint
Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Business - Auro Paint
Wood Spurge
Wood Spurge - Auro Paint
Spring Lime
Spring Lime - Auro Paint
Malt Hops
Malt Hops - Auro Paint
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera - Auro Paint
Licorice Fern
Licorice Fern - Auro Paint
Tea Leaves
Tea Leaves - Auro Paint
Zinnia - Auro Paint
Water Sage
Water Sage - Auro Paint
Bees Honey
Bees Honey - Auro Paint
Cumin Seed
Cumin Seed - Auro Paint
Olive Trees
Olive Trees - Auro Paint
Morel Mushroooms
Morel Mushroooms - Auro Paint
Peppercorns - Auro Paint
Nutmeg Spice
Nutmeg Spice - Auro Paint
Daffodil - Auro Paint
Primrose - Auro Paint
Sunflower - Auro Paint
Turmeric - Auro Paint
Mustard Seed
Mustard Seed - Auro Paint
Fox-and-Cubs - Auro Paint
Calendula Indian Prince
Calendula Indian Prince - Auro Paint
Nasturtium - Auro Paint
Wild Marjoram
Wild Marjoram - Auro Paint
Allium - Auro Paint
Fritillary - Auro Paint
Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom - Auro Paint
Early Rhubarb
Early Rhubarb - Auro Paint
Honeysuckle - Auro Paint
Copper Beech
Copper Beech - Auro Paint
Bronze Fennel
Bronze Fennel - Auro Paint
Paul's Himalayan Musk
Pauls Himalayan Musk - Auro Paint
Constance Spry
Constance Spry - Auro Paint
Corn Cockle
Corn Cockle - Auro Paint
Wisteria - Auro Paint
Pasque Flower
Pasque Flower - Auro Paint
Heather - Auro Paint
Mahogany Splendor
Mahogany Splendor - Auro Paint
Blackthorn - Auro Paint

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ECO PACKAGING: Testers use bio degradable corn starch infill packing pieces (these are only suited to testers and very light weight items though); on larger products we either use recycled/recyclable brown paper or we’re just starting to use pulped cardboard inserts for 2.5l and 5l tins - these are recycled and can either be recycled with household cardboard, composted or several people use them as firefighters!

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Please Note: All products (paints / finishes / oils / waxes etc) are held in white and clear only, everything else is hand coloured specifically to your order (when you select from a colour range) by our wonderful mixing team, so unfortunately cannot be returned. Please please please try a tester pot first beforehand!

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