Natural Anti Mould Paint & Mildew Paints

Natural Anti Mould Paint & Mildew resistant Paint

We have a good selection of some of the best non toxic, eco friendly and natural anti mould paints and mildew resistant paint available to buy in the UK. These are well known and well respected products that work extremely well, but at the same time being non toxic and not environmentally damaging. We advise Lime based paints for naturally anti mould properties, such as the natural wall paint Graphenstone ecosphere.

Easy to apply, eco friendly and non toxic natural mould paint.

Safe & Secure: You can buy from us assured you are using a super secure checkout and at some of the cheapest prices online, not forgetting that we offer Next Day Delivery too!

Use one of these natural amazing anti-mould paints, to keep your home’s healthy glow alive. Their anti-mould paints are the perfect shields against mildew. These revered products come in a wide variety of types, and they’re friendly towards our environment.

These anti-mould products are free from dangerous toxins, making your job that much easier. With products like these, you have a hardcore army that’ll shield your walls from the dangers of mould. These products are safe to breathe around, and have been tested for its safety. Rest assured; you’ll be using only the best in lining your home with the most amazing protection.

These products come in easy to use containers, making home renovation effortless. These products can be used alongside each other, creating the perfect anti-mould army. They are an incredible alternative to your everyday paint, filled with raw materials, great protection against mould and a powerful finish.


Are you in search of a child friendly anti fungal wall paint in the UK?  You’re not alone!  Mould is a microscopic fungus that has many dangerous side effects on humans including respiratory distress, allergies, sore throats and more.  As with many things, these effects can be more pronounced in young children as well as pregnant or nursing women.  So the first step would be to find a mould inhibiting paint for your children’s room.  Getting rid of mould  and fungus goes a long way towards ensuring the health of your family.  However, traditional anti fungal wall paints are as dangerous as mould—many of the ill effects it can cause are the same as those you’d experience with mould exposure.  So unfortunately an anti-mould wall paint alone isn’t going to solve all of your problems.

Much of England has damp conditions year-round, so mould is definitely a bigger concern.  That means it is even more important to find a child friendly anti fungal wall paint in the UK.  That brings us to the second half of the concern—finding such a paint that is safe for use in nurseries and toddler rooms.  VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are found in traditional paints are toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully there is a safe alternative that will have your walls looking beautiful, your children healthy, and your mould and fungus growths under control: Graphenstone,  a wonderful company that manufactures natural and organic paints  and products that are ideal for situations such as these.  Their natural anti-mould paints are perfectly safe for use around your family and pets.

Once the mould or mildew growth is under control, you’ll be ready to put down some eco-friendly paint. 

There are even options that can reduce odours in the air in addition to preventing mildew and mould from taking hold such as  natural clean air emulsion paint.  So don’t fret, there are wonderful child friendly anti fungal wall paint options in the UK, and everywhere else for that matter!  Check out the full line of child friendly products here. Buy child friendly anti fungal wall paint in the UK here.