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Natural Interior Wall & Ceiling Emulsion Paint

Application guide for Auro Natural Paint

Natural Interior Wall Paint made by Auro Paints are some of the best you can buy for your home. We recommend switching to our range of natural interior wall paints for many reasons, not only to be more eco friendly and better for the environment but also it's the right choice for the people living in your house, no harmful odours or made made additives. Choose all natural! Organic and natural interior wall paint is the smart, environmentally conscious choice when shopping for new paint. According to the EPA, the number of pollutants in the home is much higher than what you’d find outside.

A large contributor to this indoor pollution is paint; chiefly the harmful chemicals and vapors being released by standard paint. If that’s not enough to convince you, think about the environment and the impact we are making on it. With green products readily available, it is unethical to continue using products known to harm the environment with their pollutants and unsustainable practices. Make the switch to organic and natural interior wall paint today and ease your conscience along with your impact on this world in which we live. Our line of organic and natural interior wall paint is safe for use inside your home, including in baby nurseries, bathrooms, kitchens and more. They are also ideal for commercial ventures and businesses who must meet stringent safety codes.

Organic and natural paint is proven to be safer for people suffering from allergies and asthma as well. Our award winning natural and organic interior wall paints are some of the best selling products on the market today. Buy a can and experience the difference in your home or business today!

Do your walls look down-and-out? Could your bathroom walls use a fresh new color? Auro’s Interior Wall and Ceiling Emulsion Paints provide nothing but perfection! With these eco-friendly, colourful products, you won’t have to look anywhere else for exciting paints! Auro introduces you to a wide variety of primers and paints, in a vast selection of colors! Liven up your living room with refreshing colours like Fosse and Nimbus! Bathe those dull bathroom walls in other incredible colors, ranging from soft blues to browns! 

Not only does Auro provide great, radiant colors for your home, it also enables you to create a safe, happy and healthy environment! Painting with Auro’s paints and primers will relieve your home of the chemicals normally found in other paints. Auro 327 doubles as paint and protection, shielding your home against mould dilemmas! Save your bathroom walls and other poorly ventilated areas, by unleashing the magic of Auro 327 into your home! Mould won’t stand a chance, and you’ll be helping your loved ones to breathe in fresh air! No poisonous additives are found in these great products. No animal products are in sight, as the products are in a harmonious partnership with nature. Packed with many of nature’s ingredients, Auro’s paints and primers work over time to help your home shine.

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