Non Toxic Paint

Non toxic paint for interior walls and ceilings in a beautiful range of colours. We now have an even better range of non toxic paints for around your home. From white and coloured emulsions for your walls and ceilings, such as Graphenstone Ecosphere (White), or Graphenstone GCS Colour (Colours) – these are a great choice to get you started. If you are interested in why there are chemicals in paint, and why you should avoid conventional paint, please see below the products for further information.

If you are looking for non toxic wood paints for your trim, skirting boards and doors, as well as other wood I would suggest the Grafclean Midshine, a tough satin paint that when used with the natural universal primer is perfect for all kinds of wood. These non toxic paints are easy to apply, tough and hard wearing and strengthened by natural graphene, which stops cracking and peeling and makes for a much better finish! These Graphenstone paints are either VOC free paints, (volatile organic compounds) or minimal VOC, so check the pages to see if they are suitable for your needs. Lime paints are using natural and organic lime bases, which are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Graphenstone is now the most certified green paint brand!

Non Toxic Paints for your home
It is important to use non toxic paint and eco friendly natural paint wherever you can around your house, and also for exterior painting too. We have non toxic paints and low VOC paint for exterior too, such as the Graphenstone GCS Exterior Emulsion paint. We only offer environmentally friendly, sustainable and non toxic paints here, as we are committed to making sure that you use the best possible paints for your interior and exterior house painting projects.

Minimise VOCs and chemicals – Why do paints contain chemicals?We want you to minimise nasty VOCs and chemicals leaching from your paints, which is what off the shelf ‘normal’ big brand traditional paints are doing right now – sometimes this can take years! Formaldehyde is one of the common offenders in conventional paints , and found in almost all standard paint. Why do manufacturers use toxic chemicals in their paint? These ingredients are often cheap. Chemicals are cheap to buy, extend shelf life and also the solvents used to make the paint dry quicker (as these off gas to dry to paint) and also help the paint flow better on the brush (which isn’t a thing anymore anyway, as the paint we stock is super easy to use!) Some of these paints are water based, and some are plant and mineral based.

We just want you to breathe more easily, why pollute your air with VOCs and chemicals when you can just switch to natural and non toxic paints?! If you have any questions about the paint that we offer here please get in contact.  We love one of the new grey paint colours in the GCS interior range.

What kind of non toxic paint is available?
This non toxic paint is suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, damp walls, cellars, garages, walls and ceilings as well as having options for interior and exterior wood paint, and options for non toxic furniture paint. We offer next day delivery on all orders as standard.

Why is paint toxic?
Household paint can contain many different types of synthetic chemicals, of which many have links to allergies and even cancers. Standard paint finishes and emulsions release horrible toxic chemicals into the air, and this can resist for many years, usually only releasing half of the VOCs in the first year, crazy. In the first few hours of painting this is by far the worst time, and you have probably experience nausea or headaches, from breathing in the fumes hour after hour.

Does VOC free mean the paint is safe to use?
Please be aware that just because some brands of paint say they are VOC free, this does not mean they are chemical free, nor safe to use! There are lots of added preservatives and extra ingredients that get added in most conventional paint.

Non toxic paint common questions

Does non toxic paint smell?
It really does depend on which brand and type of paint you go for, as some do smell and some don’t. Also, just because some ingredients are natural it doesn’t mean that they don’t smell. For instance the Graphenstone range of paints don’t really smell at all, and are all VOC free, whereas the paint we sold a few years ago was also totally natural but made from linseed oil which did have the smell of linseed!

What is non toxic paint?
Well this is controversial as different companies stretch what I consider ‘non toxic’ to mean. Most companies still peddle horrible chemical filled paint as non toxic because it was less toxic than what they previously offered. The only true way to to find out is to check on the ingredients list, if you can even find one that is. I consider non toxic to be a paint that is made from natural ingredients and not filled with any chemical nasties that could cause health issues and breathing problems.  There is literally no reason to use another other than true non toxic paints these days, as people are working out!

Is the smell of paint harmful?
The smell you get from a big brand off the shelf paint are the fumes ‘off gassing’, which is how they dry so quickly. As the horrible chemicals off gas, this smells bad and causes not only headaches but can trigger respiratory problems. Indoor air pollution is finally starting to make the news, and more and more people realise that this is a very toxic environment that can easily be avoided by using true natural paints.

Where to buy non toxic paint?
We have a great range of non toxic paints both for interior walls and ceilings, but also for wood work and trim. Safe, zero VOC, natural and breathable.

Do you have non toxic paint for wood? Yes we do, check out the natural wood paints, and don’t forget to use the natural primer for best adhesion!

Do you have a non toxic paint for crib? Yes – I would advise the Graphenstone natural wood paint here.

Do you have non toxic paint for walls? The toughest non toxic paint for walls we offer would be the Grafclean Premium. That’s what we use!

Do you have non toxic paint for wooden toys? I would advise using this natural wood paint here – not forgetting the natural primer first.

Do you have non toxic voc free paint? Yes we have a great range of non toxic voc free paints, perhaps have a look at the range above and find something suitable for your home.

Non toxic paint for wood: I would suggest our natural wood paint, the Graphenstone Midshine.