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Vegan Paint, now all in once place! If you are searching for genuinely vegan wall paints, vegan wood paints and cruelty free emulsion paints, you’ve come to the right place. We now have a great updated range of natural paints, some of which are now free of Casein and any other animal products, making a large range of them totally Vegan friendly! If you have a vegan home and need to make sure that you’re using as many vegan products as possible this is another great addition. Vegan wall emulsion paints, Vegan wood and metal paints and even vegan floor paints are now available. For more information on each product, you’ll find a downloadable tech sheet which will give you far more info, such as full ingredients list, application instructions and related data. If you have any questions please just get in contact! As a vegan myself, I’m happy that these paints actually do tick the right boxes, so I use these vegan paints in my own home, and will be used in my baby’s nursery!

Graphenstone & Vegan / Cruelty Free statement: 3/5/19  “As a company Graphenstone do not knowingly use materials that have been tested on animals.” “Graphenstone is 100% ecological, and complies with the worlds’ most stringent quality standards, holding some of the highest international certifications, including both BREEAM and LEED certifications, to deliver the most environmentally aware paint available anywhere in the world to date. Cradle to Cradle do not advocate or promote animal testing. As far as Graphenstone are aware, they do not use any products in the paints that has been tested on animals.”


Is paint vegan friendly?

Generally, no. Your standard off the shelf paint may well have been tested on animals, especially when imported from the far East such as China where products sold there HAVE to be tested on animals – ridiculous. Conventional house paint often uses ox gall and animal derivatives in the manufacturing process, for instance most people don't know that your average pint of beer, or glass of wine is strained through ground fish bones, or strained through a mix of animal proteins to get rid of the impurities and make it as clear as possible, had you ever wondered how they got it so clear?! As more and more vegan products become available, it has never been easier to start incorporating these ideals into your own day to day life, something that we as a family have embraced. Even if you don't intend to become fully vegan yourself, you can at least make a few switches to smaller your environmental footprint. There is no need to buy conventional paint anymore, this new naturally graphene infused paint from Graphenstone is taking the paint world by storm, it is proving to be a super tough and flexible pain that is resisting cracking and peeling in the same way a standard paint would, and claiming vegan credentials is quite an achievement. We're proud to have found Graphenstone and hope to educate enough people we can make a dent in the petrochemical market and save some lives!

None of our Vegan Paint contains any chemical wetting agent, or any animal derivative such as from the female lac, (shellac) beetle or Ox gal. The paint also does not contain animal bone, or bone derivatives, or has been tested on animals in any way. We fundamentally do not agree with animal testing, and all of our Vegan paints are classed cruelty free. As well as being vegan and cruelty free, our eco friendly paints for interior walls and ceilings, wood trim and many other surfaces and natural plant based, or natural lime based. If you want to find vegan wall paint you have come to the right place, we have something for every painting project.

Meghan Markle made huge press coverage when she decided she was going to use vegan wall paints and animal free paints for her baby's nursery in the united kingdom. These paints do not contain parts of the female lac bug or ox gall that so many other paints contain. Vegan paints are becoming more and more popular here in England, as well as in the United States, as buying vegan is fast becoming the new norm. We did offer a vegan paint infused with eucalyptus, but we found that the Graphenstone range to be better than the Vegan paint we used to stock here. Sorry Meghan, this paint is even better!

Just because a paint is labelled eco friendly, natural or organic – does not mean that it is actually vegan. Even old traditional wall paints used a lot of milk Casein in them, certainly not vegan.

These vegan paints are either natural plant based products, or natural lime based products.