Mould can be found everywhere—in the air, on many surfaces, any damp areas.  What does that mean for us, especially when the mould is found in your own home?  It means you are at risk for one of the many harmful effects that mould exposure can wreak on the human body.  Some people are more sensitive to mould than others, so depending on the type of mould you’re dealing with, your symptoms could range from a stuffy nose and coughing to serious lung infections and asthma.

Most likely there are already mould spores in your home even if they aren’t visible to the naked eye.  Mould spores enter our dwellings through open windows, vents, doors and even as hitchhikers on purses, shoes and pets.  The spores in and of themselves aren’t likely to give you problems, but if they find a damp place to attach and grow, you’re liable to have some big problems.

Luckily there are great eco-friendly mould eliminating sprays that you simply spray onto the offending mould, let it sit from one hour for mild cases all the way up to overnight for severe infestations.  Once the mould is dead, merely wipe it off with a damp cloth!  Once destroyed, use an all-natural mould blocking spray to prevent its regrowth.

If you do not yet have mould growing, or have just killed off a batch of it and you don’t want it to return, you can actually find anti-mould paint that is VOC-free.  Use it to paint walls in moisture prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.   There are some great anti-mould systems that include everything you’ll need to stop mould problems before they ever even get the chance to start!