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Natural Nursery Paint & Baby Safe Furniture Paint

How to choose baby safe paint?

When looking for a baby safe paint you should you be only looking for water based products that have zero or ‘minimal’ VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds. Ideally you would be looking for paint lower than 1g of VOC per litre. Also, make sure you request the FULL ingredients list from the manufacture before you purchase and actually check for yourself, as there are a LOT of companies that site high up in the search results that are claiming to be something they are not. DEMAND VOC certificates, and demand a full ingredients list - this is the only way to be sure (and safe). The health of yourself, and your family is at risk. It’s worth the extra few minutes of research! 

Please don’t paint toxic paints when pregnant! I hear all the time about pregnant women redecorating with your big brand toxic paints, just weeks before the baby is due. PLEASE don’t do this! Not only will you be inhaling all the nasties in a very critical part of your pregnancy, but these paints will the leach chemicals into the air for months (even years) after drying, and continuing to fill your rooms with toxins.

AURO is the best  natural emulsion paint. Why? See below!

  • ZERO Emissions (Auro 524 - White)
  • VERY LOW EMISSIONS if you want colour (Auro 555 - Colours)
  • Natural, Eco friendly and Non toxic.
  • Auro was voted best DIY product by Ethical Consumer
  • Auro are the only accredited carbon neutral paint company
  • Auro Natural Paints are based on organic linseed oil resins, using natural mineral and plant pigments for colour and chalks for fillers.
  • Contains rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils
  • Auro have been operating and developing eco friendly paints for over 25 years.
  • Winner of What Doctors Don't Tell You - Proof Report's 'Most tolerated paint' (conducted by allergy sufferers)
  • Medically recommended for lodgings
  • Suitable for bedrooms, nurseries, kids rooms, living rooms, living spaces
  • Coverage of 9m²  per litre


Ok I get it, so which natural paints should I use for my nursery walls and ceiling?!

It’s simple - just use the Auro 524 for all the places you’d usually use standard white household emulsion - so kids rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, ceilings etc. If you want coloured paint, then choose Auro 555

If you are looking for natural wood paint that is suitable, non toxic, low in VOCs and a great option, we would recommend Auro 250 and Auro 260 Natural Gloss and Natural Matt Silk Wood Paints, which are certified 'safe for toys' and 'saliva and perspiration proof' which is great for all kinds of children's toys and play areas.

No other paint on the market today comes close to the standards that AURO have set for their natural paints, you can rest assured you are giving your family the best start the possible could in protecting them from the harmful effects of normal paint

Choosing the correct paint for your nursery is an important decision you need to make, as it's just too easy to go to your high street paint shop and buy the first paint on the shelf. The problem with 'normal' paints is that they leach toxins into the air, which can be very bad for your health. By using natural paints, you can eliminate these risks straight away. 



Walls & ceilings in WHITE only: Auro 524 Premium Emulsion

Walls & ceilings in COLOUR: Auro 555 Coloured Emulsion



How should I be painting baby furniture?

The best natural safe paint for painting baby furniture such as cots, nursing chairs, beds ands wood work? Auro 260 Natural Wood Paint has a beautifully silky mat finish, and available in some lovely tones and colours. T


How to paint baby furniture:

The best way to paint baby furniture is to sand the surface back to bare wood, or as close as you can, and then apply one coat of water thinned (10-20%) Auro wood paint (250 or 260) and then leave to dry 24hrs. Once dry give the surfaces a light key sand and wipe the dust off with a clean rag, then apply a proper coat of the wood paint, leaving 24hrs between coats. Ideally you would apply 2-3 top coats for a long lasting and strong finish for for baby furniture! The Auro 250 and Auto 260 are both safe paint for baby furniture, and child safe friendly paints for wood - perfect for your nursery.  These natural wood paints are suitable for use as a cot paint as well as nursery paint!


Which natural paints should I use for my nursery wood work and trim?

Either use the Auro 250 Natural Wood Gloss, or the Auro 260 Natural Wood Mat Silk paints. If you have ANY questions, please just contact me!